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Dream Snake
Created by commission for the Los Angeles County Arboretum's 40 acre Australian Garden, The Rainbow Dream Snake is inspired by Aboriginal creation stories of the Waugal or Rainbow Serpent.  One of the oldest, if not the oldest stories in Australia, shared by virtually all Aboriginal peoples there, the Dream Snake is a female deity giving rise to all that we know today.

The Waugal or Rainbow Serpent

...Before all this was here, there was dreaming, only dreaming and we call that Dreamtime.  When the energy of dreaming grew too powerful to just be, a huge serpent came into being and it thrashed with the unlimited energy of dreams and gleaming with the first colors of the birthing planet.  She surged upward off the water covered earth and flew into the skies,  As she plunged downwards into the oceans, she pulled water with her and created underground waterways, lakes and seas.  Volcanoes and mountains were created as she flew skyward time after time and rivers and valleys were formed as she flowed over the surface of the earth.....and that is how the world came to be as we know it today.

The Rainbow Dream Snake is known as the Serpent Trail at the Arboretum. Her 12' X 16' head holds dichroic glass eyes in which the snake's thoughts can be seen and interpreted.  Her body is 960' of ADA approved, winding serpentine trail, 5' wide and textured with snake scales and colors.  
Within the body of the Dream Snake are many mosaics (inspired by "dream dots" of Australia's first peoples) created by children and friends of the Arboretum to delight the casual visitor and the 1/2 million visitors to the Arboretum each year.

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