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About Leigh

Leigh Adams' love of art and children and her commitment to doing public art with children have resulted in a variety of differing art installations and activities.  Although most of her work is done in the Pasadena California area, Leigh has traveled and worked with children in Mexico, China and Central America for many years. 

Whether teaching folk arts, language or life skills, Leigh believes that cooperative learning, achieving consensus and building new skills which can result in public acknowledgement are some of the greatest gifts we can give our children and our society. 

As arts become less and less available in our schools, Leigh believes it is incumbent upon us to make opportunities for hands-on learning available to our young people.  Public installations are an excellent way to elevate children's belief in themselves, their self worth and the value of their efforts. 

Currently Artist in Residence at the LA County Arboretum, she is working on a 960' mosaicked "DreamSnake" using tiles glazed by children at the Arboretum and at area schools, colleges and clubs. Leigh is available for architectural glass design and commissioned work. 

List of homes, churches and references available on request.

Contact Leigh by e-mail: LeighAdams@LAGlassArt.com

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